Agri-Entrepreneurship Training Manual: Post Harvest Handling System

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This training resource is a section of the Agri-Entrepreneurship Training Manual prepared by the Nova Scotia Agricultural College (NSAC). NSAC has a long history of working with Ghanaian partners to assist in the development of the country’s agricultural sector. In 1995 The College began the design of an Agri-Entrepreneurship project in the north of Ghana, which aimed over a period of five years to introduce entrepreneurial concepts and skills to groups and individuals working in the agri-food sector. Research was conducted in the selected area, followed by the design of training materials in collaboration with local partners. The result was the Agri-Entrepreneurship Training Manual.

The Manual is divided into five sections or modules. Each begins with notes for the facilitator, some general guidelines and a warm-up exercise. Then the module themes are introduced using fact sheets and a visual aid poster, followed by session guidelines, exercises, discussion questions and answers. In this module the following themes are covered:

  • Maturity and harvesting of fresh produce
  • Preparing vegetables for the market
  • Grading and packaging
  • Transport and handling of produce

Each component in this module can be used in the following ways:

  1. A lecture based upon each fact sheet, followed by the corresponding workshop, which would serve to reinforce the concepts discussed in the lecture. The timelines listed beside the fact sheets above will be helpful if you choose this method. Total contact time is approximately 20 hours.
  2. The fact sheets can also be used as background information for facilitators, and not presented in a lecture format. With this method, facilitators would conduct each workshop with participants, and impart the information from the fact sheets as needed for the participants to complete each exercise.

The fact sheets are intended to provide stand-alone information for use as reference materials. The workshops, however, are not intended for use without the support of the fact sheets. This manual has been designed to facilitate learning with both literate and illiterate learners. The facilitator may decide what print materials are appropriate for dissemination to participants.

The material is made available for downloading as a complete module for those with fast internet connections or theme by theme in smaller file sizes for those with slower internet connections. It is clearly explained on the NSAC website. You can also request a hard copy using the contact details given below.

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