Affordability & Financing Models for the Smallholder Market

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As part of the commercialization process, Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation has developed a series of user guides designed to accelerate the commercialization and scaling of agricultural technologies. This series is designed to provide practical and actionable guidance in addressing the market entry and business development challenges that arise when introducing and selling new agricultural technologies into the smallholder market.

The playbooks provide both the theory and practice for successfully introducing new products to the base of the pyramid market. In the following chapters we will introduce concepts that will assist you to:

•    Access difficult-to-find information on this marketplace that will help you understand the buying power of your targeted customers, identify where your customers are located, and determine the best partners and channels that you can use to most efficiently distribute your product.

•    Educate your customer on your value proposition (the benefits of your product in relation to the cost), strategies to effectively demonstrate and promote your product and to sell it to community leaders and early adopters.

•    Explore options for financing that you can offer to your customers to improve the upfront affordability of your product.

•    Develop your business and financial strategy and work on your pitch so that you have the tools to adequately finance your growth.

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