Adult Learning Materials Development at Community Level

The Handbook is designed for use mainly by the following two groups:

  1. Field workers at community level especially in community learning centres (CLC) – to provide practical knowledge and skills in developing low-cost & learner-centred learning materials with locally available resources.
  2. District/provincial level NFE offices – to provide practical knowledge to develop low-cost & learner-centred learning materials on a mass scale and to train field workers who are engaged in literacy and continuing education materials development.

It displays the following characteristics:

  1. Simple: Descriptive guides are easy to understand, avoiding technical jargon;
  2. Illustrative: Variety of visuals including illustrations, charts, photos help explain technical steps.
  3. Practical: Material development skills introduced are easy to practice at the field level

The handbook is arranged in three chapters:

  1. Chapter 1: Why, What and for Whom? Basic issues concerning material development are explained in question-and-answer format.
  2. Chapter 2: We Can Do It! Open the Material Preparation Process Map in the back of this handbook.The eight steps of material preparation in the map are explained in this chapter in question-and-answer format. Simple processes to make posters, wall magazines, charts, picture cards, leaflets, booklets, songs, drama, and other interesting materials are introduced here. Also, there are TIPS providing complementary information.
  3. Chapter 3: Let’s Learn More! If you know the basic steps of material preparation, pass on to this chapter. This is a collection of practical knowledge concerning learning material.

At the end of this handbook, you’ll find a glossary and a list of questions and answers for your reference.

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