Forming Women’s Savings and Credit Groups

This is a manual with a difference. It has been created by MAFEC, Mutuelle des Associations Feminines D’Epargne et de Credit (Women’s Savings and Credit Association Mutual) in Mauritania. The contents originated from members’ daily observations. It consists of a series of observations, each of which is accompanied by an illustration and a series of key points relating to the observation.

For example, one observation is « A REGULAR CONTRIBUTION IS NECESSARY » and this is accompanied by the advice:

  • Set realistic sums that have been adapted to the women’s ability to contribute on a regular basis
  • To assure timeliness, fix the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc…) of mandatory contributions
  • Incorporate financial discipline and expect members to follow the rules

There are 27 observations in all and the material might easily be adapted to other locations and their national and cultural realities. Alternatively it may inspire others to follow this example and encourage people they are working with to develop a guide on the basis of their own thoughts and observations. The manual contains both the original French and an English translation.

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