Women’s Empowerment in Smallholder Finance

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Women comprise approximately 50 percent of the labor force in sub-Saharan Africa and yet, are less likely to access financial services – like credit, insurance, and savings – which limits their purchasing power and excludes them from their local economy. As a result, women lose out on income-generating opportunities, which could lead to their economic empowerment and financial independence. However, women aren’t the only ones missing out in this situation. By not intentionally integrating women into their supply chains or designing products with women’s needs in mind, agribusinesses and other service providers are losing out on potential business opportunities to expand their reach and engage a valuable consumer base.

In an effort to address this challenge in their own work, RAF Learning Lab partners AgDevCo and Opportunity International, are committed to investing in women’s empowerment across smallholder and rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa.

Join this webinar to learn how organizations such as AgDevCo and Opportunity International, are integrating both business and social goals to empower women in smallholder finance.

The webinar takes place at 8:00-9:00AM EST. See in my time zone>>