Webinar series Financing Smallholder Agriculture for Rural Transformation (FINSMART) –4. Financial services to small scale fishers and cooperatives

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Time: 2.00 pm, Bangkok time (GMT+7 hrs.) Duration: 75 min

The overarching objectives of the webinar series FINSMART offered by APRACA jointly with other national/international agencies are aimed to build the capacity of financial institutions in the Asia-Pacific region engaged with the smallholders and downstream actors in the agricultural value chains so as to ensure efficient strategies and measures are being taken to challenge the post-COVID19 situation and seamless flow of finance and investments in to the sector. The webinar series are also envisioned to provide an avenue for knowledge sharing by the stakeholders on concrete innovative actions/strategies/pathways on the ground along APRACA strategic objectives 2019-2024 via technology-mediated social platforms that would directly benefit the financial institutions/investors/agribusiness companies and smallholders engaged in agricultural and rural development.

The expected outcome of the webinar series is to (a) contribute and highlights the issues and challenges of the region to the ongoing global dialogue and (b) to support the financial institutions, national governments in the region to undertake the right strategies and measures to deal with the on-going pandemic and its aftershock.

Areas to be covered during the dis-cussions/interactions:

·Fisheries and aquaculture value chains in developing countries of Asia;
·New Partnerships and networks for Fisheries Development in Asia;
·Specific efforts made to facilitate access to financial services, in particular for the small-scale operators and the local grass-root organisations that support these small-scale operators.

Organizations to join webinars:

1. All regular and affiliated members of APRACA;
2. All national and regional networks and cooperatives of fishers;
3. Government line departments and technical agencies.