Webinar on on Agricultural Value Chain Financing Innovations and Lessons: Case Studies from Africa

Thursday, June 6, 2019

3:00pm Rome | 8:00pm Bangkok| 4:00pm Nairobi | 9:00am Washington 

Based on an upcoming publication, the webinar will present a series of diverse case studies and examples of agricultural value chain finance (AVCF) in sub-Sahara Africa. Agricultural value chains and AVCF have become commonly used terms but often without really understanding the fundamentals and applications. An effective method of learning is to see examples what others are doing, review the results and capture ideas of how to apply the concepts in their own environment. The African cases are to inform and to stimulate innovation and application for readers and practitioners in the sector.

The case studies are descriptive and meant to draw out the key aspects of the real-life cases, rather than present deep, analytical analysis. This is because they are intended to facilitate learning about innovative applications of diverse models and tools of AVCF in different contexts as well as issues and challenges that are experienced. Taken together, the case studies portray examples that emerge across the value chain. Distinct business models, financial instruments, partnership arrangements, technology applications and risk mitigation strategies are among those highlighted in the cases.

The webinar is being jointly organized by the FAO Sustainable Food Value Chains – Development and Finance Technical Network (SFVC D&F), African Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (AFRACA), Partnership for Improving Capacity Building in Rural Finance (CABFIN) and Making Finance for Africa (MFW4A). It is the first of a series of two consequent sharing-of-experiences events meant to stimulate exchanges and share hands-on experience in AGVCF models in Africa.

Lead presenter: Calvin Jay-Miller, Rural & Agricultural Finance Expert 

Mr. Miller is an experienced expert on agricultural and rural finance and investment as well as working in rural economic development with smallholder organizations. He retired from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) where he was Senior Officer and Leader of the Agribusiness and Finance Group, AGS Division. Currently working as Consultant, he is an Agricultural Economist and prior to FAO has worked as Country Manager of MEDA in Bolivia and as Director of Economic Development in CARE, plus consulting with numerous development agencies. Founder of MicroVest, a $350 million microfinance investment funds financed by private sector investors and Chairs the Board of FairTrade Access Investment Fund. He is the author of numerous publications, including a well-known book titled Agricultural Value Chain Finance: Tools and Lessons and two publications on Agricultural Investment Funds for Developing Countries, Agricultural Guarantee Schemes and many others.

Moderator: John Amimo, Programme Coordinator, AFRACA

Mr. Amimo is currently the Programme Coordinator of the African Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (AFRACA), a Pan African membership-based organization of financial institutions, committed to promoting rural and agricultural finance in Africa. As the Coordinator of AFRACA, he plays an advisory role on various technical aspects pertaining to rural and agricultural finance to the Secretariat and the Board of Directors. Prior to joining AFRACA, he worked as Credit Manager of an Agri-based Development Finance Institution in Kenya, providing strategic guidance to the Managing Trustee and Senior Management  on areas of strategic planning, credit management, resource mobilization.

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