Unlocking Rural CICO Agent Networks for Financial Inclusion

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Digital financial services (DFS) have the potential to help low-income customers become more resilient to individual and climate shocks and capture investment opportunities that improve their well-being. However, realizing this potential requires the setup of crucial building blocks, such as far-reaching and inclusive Cash-In and Cash-Out (CICO) agent networks.

Expanding agent networks of the CICO system to remote rural areas, where most low-income customers reside, poses a significant challenge, as there is no one solution that fits all contexts.

During this webinar, we take stock of CGAP’s research of agent networks at the last mile. We will explore the significance of CICO agent networks in achieving financial inclusion, the difficulties of extending CICO agent networks to rural areas, and present five key actions that DFS providers, policymakers, regulators, and funders can take to unlock the expansion of rural agent networks at scale.