Twitter Chat: Unleashing the Power of Mobile Money to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Since its inception, mobile money has unleashed a wave of investment and innovation that has disrupted traditional ideas about financial services and transformed the lives of hundreds of millions people. The incredible growth of mobile money in recent years has demonstrated the power of mobile technology in reaching the financially excluded. By enabling a breadth of partnerships across sectors including humanitarian, agriculture and energy, mobile money has become a key driver of inclusive growth in emerging markets.

Financial Inclusion Week provides an opportunity to explore the dynamism with which mobile money is driving socio-economic development and to reflect on the contributions of these services to solve some of the world’s long-standing development challenges, such as gender equality, humanitarian assistance, rural development, access to clean energy and safe drinking water, among many others. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offer a universal and integrated vision for sustainable development and a roadmap to foster the responsible and sustained growth of innovative solutions enabled by mobile money to unlock broader socio-economic benefits.