14- 15
The Global Index Insurance Conference: “Building Innovative Solutions in Agriculture Insurance”

Monday, September 14, 2015 to Tuesday, September 15, 2015

When properly developed with private and public interventions, Index Insurance can be an innovative and efficient financial instrument. Index Insurance helps poor smallholder farmers manage increasing climate risks to their harvests.  Index insurance will allow farmers to survive adverse weather or destroyed harvests and potentially open up larger agri-credit markets; enabling farmers to protect their assets and invest in their farms, accessing faster payouts when their business and families are at stake. Index insurance products can also be used to protect governments and businesses against natural disaster risks. While the conference will focus mainly on agriculture index-insurance, the climate change-related index insurance solutions are finding wider application to mitigate losses in power generation in the renewable/clean energy sector (hydro, wind and solar), and in the tourism sector.

Key issues discussed at the Conference will center on:

  • Sharing innovations and innovative solutions in the index insurance space to mitigate the risk of governments, enterprises and households.
  • Creating stronger synergies and better alignment – Public Private Partnership in scaling up index insurance markets
  • Major challenges in developing index insurance markets in developing countries.
  • Index insurance as tool to address inclusive finance and growth – moving away from individualized underwriting, leveraging multitude of distribution channels/platforms, and unlocking investments which was hitherto constrained due to the risk of climate change on governments, businesses and households.

Examples of Plenary Sessions:

  • Favorable conditions for achieving scale, building markets and institutionalize Index Insurance
  • Financial Solutions in Agricultural Risk Management
  • Distribution Channels for Index Insurance

In addition, there will be multiple breakout sessions focusing on broader topics such as Drivers and barriers of innovation, Client Value, Enhancing Agricultural Insurance Product Quality, Data Challenges, Role of Governments and International Organizations etc.