Training opportunities

Social analysis for inclusive agrifood investments – Managers

Friday, December 1, 2023

This is the first in a series of three courses designed to provide a diverse audience with the approaches, methods and tools necessary to integrate social dimensions into the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of agrifood investments. Specifically, this course covers the management aspects of social analysis and aims to sensitize managers to the role and importance of social analysis in the design of agrifood projects and programmes. It also provides guidance on how to integrate social analysis effectively into the investment process.


What you will learn:

-The relevance and key benefits of social analysis.
-The role of social analysis in enhancing the quality of investments.
-The main contributions of social analysis throughout the investment cycle.
-Ways to integrate social analysis at each stage of the investment cycle.
-The key requirements for social analysis of major financing institutions.
-The roles and responsibilities for social analysis.
-Ways to promote interdisciplinary teamwork for better social impact.