Training opportunities

Social analysis for inclusive agrifood investments – Field experts

Friday, December 1, 2023

This is the third in a series of courses designed to provide a diverse audience with the approaches, methods and tools necessary to integrate social dimensions into the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of agrifood investments. This course aims to assist social analysts/field practitioners in generating primary data, using qualitative methods that can help to draw a detailed picture of the local social context where investments are being planned or implemented. It also explains what information would typically need to be collected through field visits at district and community levels, and how to collect and analyse it to meet the immediate needs of a mission’s objectives.

What you will learn about:

-Ways to conduct social analysis in the context of agrifood investments using a conceptual framework of analysis.
-Ways to review secondary data sources in preparation for a mission.
-Ways to collect qualitative data during field work following key methodological principles.
-Ways to hold multistakeholder consultations for further data collection and field work preparation.
-Ways to collect information in the field through district and community meetings, focus groups and household interviews, using checklists.