Training opportunities

04- 15
School of African Microfinance 2017

Monday, September 4, 2017 to Friday, September 15, 2017

Financial institutions, such as microfinance institutions and banks at the forefront of delivering financial services to millions of unbanked are required to maintain and improve operational efficiency, portfolio quality and capital reserves. MFIs and banks must mitigate against possible significant withdrawals of savings and deposits, declining flow of remittances and rising inflation. To meet these challenges, recognize the opportunities and remain competitive, microfinance institutions and banks need to build and expand their distinctive capabilities through developing their talent to attain higher levels of performance.

The School of African Microfinance annual two-week training is designed to expand the collective capabilities of institutions by building individual knowledge and skills to achieve strategic goals; to achieve High Performance that creates sustainable value. This year theme is “Building High Performance Microfinance Institutions”. The training, with up to 14 courses to choose from, is singularly focused on delivering the knowledge, skills and capabilities that ensure institutions have market-focused strategies; execute flawlessly – delivering appropriate products and services; and have the culture, structure and talent to perform.

SAM is designed for middle and senior level managers responsible for providing leadership and management in executing on the institutions’ strategies. It is also appropriate for executives charged with contributing to strategic decisions. The target institutions are Microfinance institutions, banks, regulatory institutions, SACCOs and donor programs.

Tuition fee: USD 4,950 (covers tuition, course material, accommodation and meals).