SAFIN/GFRAS Webinar: TAFs: Mechanism for Better Alignment of TA & Financing to Agri-SMEs

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Following almost seven years of implementing the AAF Technical Assistance Facility, TechnoServe is keen to share results and important lessons about how technical assistance facilities work in practice as well as how they can be optimised. The AAF TAF programme has been a proof of concept: using the vehicle of an independent technical assistance facility working alongside an agriculture investment fund to challenge traditional agri-businesses to think in a more ‘inclusive’ way. In this webinar, TechnoServe will share some of the frameworks developed by AAF TAF for thinking about TA facility structures, typology and implications for achieving impact objectives in partnership with agribusinesses.
The webinar will continue with a presentation on FAO’s experience in attempting to set up a Technical Assistance Facility under the African Agribusiness and Agro-industry Development Initiative (3ADI), a programme that was launched in 2010 jointly by FAO, UNIDO and AfDB and was linked to a Private Equity fund of funds that targeted approximately 10 sub funds with equity and mezzanine investments in the SSA agribusiness sector. The intention of the facility was to provide not only pre- and post-investment support for the investee companies, but also parallel targeted support to governments to provide suitable infrastructure and enabling environment-related activities, as well as investment facilitation and coordination activities.

Abigail Thomson- TechnoServe Program Director providing
Massimo Pera – Project Coordinator at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Tuesday 22 May at 4pm CEST (Rome time)

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