Revolutionizing agriculture with Ag-tech

Thursday, June 6, 2024

This engaging webinar explores the emerging role of ag-tech startups in revolutionizing agricultural supply chains through innovative business models. As the agricultural sector evolves with shifts towards higher-value, perishable products and increased urbanization, these startups are stepping in to bridge the gap between small-scale operations and larger agricultural demands.

The session will delve into how ag-tech solutions can support commercial agricultural enterprises in the micro and small segments through Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) models. These models facilitate crucial services ranging from input distribution to advanced data analytics for improved supply chain management and credit facilitation.

The webinar promises to offer a comprehensive look at the ag-tech landscape, examining how these businesses can overcome obstacles to achieve inclusivity, profitability, and sustainability in the agriculture sector.


  • Margarete O. Biallas, Agri-Finance Africa Practice Lead, International Finance Corporation (IFC) – Moderator
    Sarah Devermann, Manager, ISF Advisors
    Akshay Chandrasekhar, Head of Investor Relations and Sustainability, Apollo Agriculture
    Aditya Thareja, Head of Strategy and Partnership, Jiva
    Prateep Basu, CEO and Chief Product Officer, SatSure
    Pravin Kulkarni, VP-Lead for Rural, TransUnion