Regional Workshop on Planning and Policy Development Increasing Aquaculture Production

Monday, June 13, 2022

CAFI SSF Network participated virtually in the Regional Workshop on Planning and Policy Development Increasing Aquaculture Production organized on 13 June 2022 Antalya, Turkey as part of the project titled “Capacity Development for Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Management in Central Asia (FISHCap) developed under the FAO-Turkey Partnership Program (FTPP). The workshop was conducted in partnership with the Aquaculture Producers Central Union of Turkey (SUYMERBIR) and  Mediterranean Fisheries Research, Production and Training Institute (MEDFRI). The objective was to provide participants with basic knowledge on a framework for planning and policy development in aquaculture

The topic presented by CAFI SSF was “The importance and access to aquaculture insurance.” The target audience were participants particularly officers involved in aquaculture planning, policy development and management, managers of fish farms and researchers engaged in policy development from Central Asia and Caucasus region.

The presentation shared information about the present status of world aquaculture production and employment within the sector, it further highlighted global aquaculture insurance market share and approximate policies in force across regions, risks faced by businesses and small-scale producers, key players, and their relationship in enabling conditions for provision of insurance services and type of products offered. In addition, critical reasons discussed to bring forth the supply side (insurers perspective) on low interest shown by insurers to cover risks faced by small-scale aquaculture and demand side (fish-farmers perspective) lack of interest shown by small-scale producers for uptake of insurance services. The presentation provided key recommendations to both policy makers and insurance service providers on how to increase provision of insurance services in their respective countries and regions.

You can find out more about the presentation by the recording and the ppt attached below.