Training opportunities

19- 21
Performance Evaluation of Islamic Financial Institutions and Financial Product Development: A Novel Approach

Monday, August 19, 2019 to Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Product development plays an embryonic role in continues improvement and development of Islamic banking institutions. This training provides a hands-on experience and take-to-office guidelines for designing and implementing Islamic financial innovation wit overall objectives of improving the banking efficiency and outreach.

The participants will be introduced with banking product expansion and reconfiguration strategies, to decide about best workable banking innovation strategies, for varying regulatory frameworks. They will also be introduced to Islamic banking products structures and modularity to make them able to design new product and service modules as action elements for implementing the provided innovation strategies. Finally, the participants will get involved in co-creating a prototype banking product using a practical product development process, that can be adapted to various contexts. The training will enable participants to develop prototype product ideas during the training and associated skills and process knowledge that may help them to convert and create real Islamic banking propositions. The methodology includes case studies on novel product structures, hands-on activities, and product blueprinting.

Course Content:

  • Factors which contribute to target effectively the strategic goals of Islamic Finance Institutions.
  • Factors (Employee, technology, management, assets, cost) which need improvement ‘how and how much’.
  • Desirable level of size of operation/scale of operation of each individual financial unit.
  • Relative performance of each financial unit within the industry based on comprehensive measures.
  • Best resource, strategies and intervention alternatives.
  • Strategies of Islamic banking innovations.
  • Islamic banking modules through product blueprinting.
  • Implementation product development process.

Potential participants:

Senior management of Islamic banks, regulators and policymakers from Central Banks, Takaful Companies, asset management companies and all others who are interested.

Fee: $2500.00, including:

  • Accommodation for three nights in four-star hotel.
  • Training folder.
  • Air ticket (economy class, for south Asian and south east Asian economies only).
  • Half day trip (Kuala Lumpur).
  • Airport transfer.
  • Breakfast and lunch.
  • Training participation certificate.