NTF4Ag: Emerging Lessons and New Frontiers

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Join global practitioners, donors, funders, and other thought leaders for a one-day learning event exploring non-traditional finance to deliver sustainable and scalable agricultural innovations for smallholder farmers.

NTF4Ag: Emerging Lessons and New Frontiers will be a highly interactive platform for attendees to connect and learn from each other’s experiences in designing, testing, and scaling non-traditional finance solutions and agricultural technologies for smallholder farmers. Participants will walk away with an improved understanding of key opportunities to use non-traditional finance to design and deliver sustainable and scalable agricultural innovations for smallholder farmers.

The learning event will focus on key thematic areas emanating from the MEDA INNOVATE portfolio and industry insights, including:

  • Customer centricity: How do we integrate customer centricity to design and offer products and services that meet the needs and demand of our smallholder customers?
  • Smallholder products and services: What key features do smallholder farmers require to adopt agricultural innovations? Which features are they willing to pay for?
  • Smallholder household norms: How do smallholder households prioritize business decisions, purchases and investments for upcoming crop cycles alongside competing household needs?
  • Policy and ecosystems change: How can we position policies and systems to enable organizations to better serve and align products with smallholder needs?

This event is presented by INNOVATE (Adoption of Agricultural Innovations through Non-Traditional Financial Services), a three-year initiative implemented by MEDA and funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) assessing the potential of non-traditional finance to enable large scale adoption of agricultural innovations among women and men smallholder farmers in South Asia, South America and East Africa.

This learning event will be free for all attendees. However, due to limited seating (60 spots), attendance is by application only.