Training opportunities

30- 02
Microfinance Credit Portfolio Management

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 to Thursday, December 2, 2021

Excellent credit management and administration skills are fundamental for a sustainable and profitable microfinance organization. Yet many staff of MFBs and MFIs do not possess these core competencies. No wonder their organizations record highly unsustainable levels of non-performing loans. Some of the failures emerge at the product development and delivery stages, as products’ designs do not match the market needs and peculiarities. Other failures are a result of poor risks assessment practices that ultimately lead to disbursements to underserving borrowers. In some cases, where proper loan appraisals have been done and disbursements made in line with best global practices, delinquencies still occur because of a poor loan monitoring and management culture.
This program is designed to equip MFI staff at all levels – credit officers, branch managers, credit risks managers, head office managers – with the skills required to develop and sustain excellent credit portfolios with high performing and profitable loans.