Microfinance and the Poor in Times of Crisis

Monday, November 30, 2020

Microfinance institutions reach over 140 million low-income people worldwide and play a crucial role in sustaining livelihoods. With extreme poverty forecast to rise by at least 88 million this year, its first increase in decades, the role of MFIs becomes ever more critical. Learn from leaders in the MFI sector on how they are working to support poor people severely hit by the twin crises of a global health pandemic and economic downturn. What strategies are MFIs deploying to help their customers in face of business shutdowns and lost income? How are they managing debt moratoria and loan adjustments to alleviate pressure on clients’ finances?


Shameran Abed | Senior Director, BRAC’s Microfinance and Ultra-Poor Graduation Programs

BRAC is a global anti-poverty organizations reaching more than 100 million of the poorest people in South Asia and Africa. It provides microfinance, health, education, employment opportunities and social justice services to help empower people in poverty.

Steve Hollingworth | President and CEO, Grameen Foundation

Grameen Foundation tackles multiple dimensions of poverty, building on the pioneering work in microcredit of Nobel prize winner Muhammad Yunis.  It seeks to strengthen poor people’s resilience by using technology to address food security, increase incomes, enhance health and build financial security.

Michael Schlein | President and CEO, Accion

Accion offers advisory services, partners and invests in companies accelerating financial inclusion around the globe. It reaches tens of millions of families and entrepreneurs through more than 160 partners, including microfinance institutions, in 55 countries.

Andrée Simon | President and CEO, FINCA Impact Finance (FIF)

FIF is a global network of microfinance banks and institutions that offer responsible and affordable loan and savings products to more than two million people across the world.

Momina Aijazuddin | Global Head of Microfinance, International Finance Corp

Moderated by Greta Bull | CEO, CGAP