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MFW4A Webinar on Islamic Finance

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Funding Africa’s Growing Green Financing Needs Through Islamic Finance

Making Finance Work for Africa (MFW4A) is pleased to present a webinar titled ”Funding Africa’s Growing Green Financing Needs Through Islamic Finance” on Thursday, 7th of February 2019 at 11:00 am GMT (06:00 am | Washington; 02:00 pm | Nairobi).

In recent years, a number of countries throughout Africa have funded infrastructure projects through the use of Islamic finance. With global environmental disasters likely to increase, so will the financing needed to fund green and climate-friendly projects. As the continents green financing needs grow, the speakers will discuss how the Islamic Finance industry can be mobilized to fund climate-friendly projects in Africa.

Green Sukuk, Shari’ah compliant environmentally friendly debt instruments, have been increasing in popularity. To date, there have only been a few Green Sukuk issued and mainly in Asia. Given the success and appetite for Green Sukuk, how can the African financial landscape benefit from such an instrument?

MFW4A is organizing a webinar with industry experts in order to explore ways in which Islamic Finance, in particular Sukuk financing, can be utilized to fund climate-friendly projects in Africa.

The session will also highlight case studies from other regions making parallels with the context of the African continent.

  • What are the opportunities and challenges for Islamic Green Finance in Africa?
  • What is the potential for Green Sukuk to finance infrastructure projects in Africa?
  • What are the legal and regulatory challenges?


  • Anouar Hassoune – Managing Director, West Africa Rating Agency (WARA)
  • Maram Ahmed – Visiting Fellow, SOAS, University of London
  • Michelle Davies – International Head of Clean Energy and Sustainability, Eversheds Sutherland


  • Mohamed Agrebi – Senior Operations Officer, African Development Bank