Training opportunities

09- 13
Mechanics of Fundraising for Microfinance Institutions – Trends, Models and Prospects in Equity, Debt and Grant Sourcing

Monday, August 9, 2021 to Friday, August 13, 2021

This course aims at broadening and pushing the boundary of fundraising to a new level in which directors and managers of microfinance institutions/banks, financial cooperatives, financial non-governmental organizations and other similar financial entities can identify funding from a series of available sources, use both traditional and modern funding vehicles, including bank linkages, national apex funds, money and capital markets and other effective financing instruments, and analyze and tap these financing vehicles to sustain and upscale their operations.

It further aims to expose participants to the most sustainable pathways to raising safe and reasonable funds from appropriate institutions, including national, bilateral and multilateral development agencies and how participants can ascend their respective financial institutions to regional and global standards; and how to use institutional, financial and social ratings and other credit enhancers to meet the requirements of social and commercial investors.