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26- 30
Market Systems Approach to Pro Poor Growth to Enterprise and Agricultural Development Course

Monday, November 26, 2018 to Friday, November 30, 2018

Course Description
The majority of the world’s poor earn their living in small-scale businesses and farms. By helping these businesses increase profits, sales and assets; we can reach the poor and help them lift themselves out of poverty. To do this on a large scale, we need to think big, and act strategically. Some programs have done just that. They have reached tens or even hundreds of thousands of small businesses, helping them to stabilize, grow and improve the lives of owners and employees. These programs develop sustainable value chains and business service markets that continually reach out to ever-increasing numbers of small businesses. They use an approach we call ‚market development.‛ We invite you to apply market development to your own programs. 

Learning Objectives
Participants will have a better and more comprehensive understanding of the critical linkages that exist between smallholder production systems, local market systems, agribusiness development and effective service delivery that can revitalize and catalyze rural economies. Finally it will equip participants with participatory approaches and methodologies, and tools and instruments for analysis, and a strategic action planning process that, taken together, initiate positive and innovative change. 

Training topics include the following modules: 
Module 1: Overview of Market Systems Approach to development
Module 2: Where does Market Development Fit? Poverty Eradication through Private Sector, Small Enterprise and Market Development 
Module 3: Sub Sector Analysis
Module 4: How to Develop Markets in a conflict-sensitive socio-economic environmen

Day Conference Cost: Conference and tuition fees: $1,100 per person. This includes conference package, training materials (flash disk), tuition and practitioner certificate.
Cost plus accommodation: $1,600 per person 

  • Region Global
  • Language English