26- 27
Islamic Microfinance Summit

Monday, September 26, 2016 to Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The purpose of the Islamic Microfinance Summit is to raise awareness about the demand for innovations in Islamic microfinance and ensure compliant and targeted product development to aid poverty alleviation.

The Islamic Microfinance Summit in Dubai covers a very versatile range of topics, which makes this conference appealing to IMFIs and banks, as well as private investors and development organizations. Speakers include the largest private and public investors in microfinance, Islamic banks and developing organizations from all over the world. Key topics include:

  • Economics of social networks and their significance in Islamic microfinance;
  • Islamic banking, microfinance and financial inclusion;
  • Islamic banking and financial innovation;
  • Strategies for successful Islamic MFI funding;
  • The challenge of institutional diversity, regulation, and supervision in Islamic microfinance;
  • Financing SMEs to fuel faster development;
  • Innovative approaches and technological innovations in Islamic microfinance;
  • Should Islamic microfinance be crowdfunding?