02- 11
International Symposium – Cooperative Financial Institutions in Rural Development

Tuesday, November 2, 2021 to Thursday, November 11, 2021


Cooperative Financial Institutions (CFIs) are important providers of financial services to poor and middle-income people, and significant drivers of financial inclusion. Aside from their
strong presence and relevance in developed economies, especially Europe and North America, CFIs are highly significant in financial inclusion in the developing world. Their
pervasive presence in rural areas, and their potential to expand financial inclusion with multiple services to under-served segments make enabling the sustainable functioning of
CFIs a sensible policy objective, and a valid operational goal.


Main objectives of the International Symposium are:

  • to gather the community of CFI stakeholders and experts to exchange recently acquired knowledge around the overarching theme of CFIs and Rural Development;
  • to share these exchanges with the broader audience of financial sector policymakers and officials, thus influencing policy and practice interventions; and
  • further mainstreaming CFI support programs in development organizations and government policy platforms.