04- 08
International Study Visit on Mobile Banking and Agency Banking

Monday, May 4, 2015 to Friday, May 8, 2015

This exposure visit on Mobile Banking is meant to expose participants to practical hands on opportunities of knowledge transfer, skills, ideas and experience sharing in the use of ICT to improve access to financial services by the rural and agricultural economies. It is a 5 days intensive training. The participants are able to experience real time practices of Mobile Banking through field visits. This study visit has with time become an area of interest for ICT experts, agricultural service providers, entrepreneurs and finance managers in financial institutions in both Africa and outside of Africa. 


  1. The fit of mobile & agency banking within the financial market in Kenya 
  2. Policy Framework, Regulation and supervision of Mobile and Agency Banking 
  3. Overview of the Mobile Banking and Agency Banking for Commercial Banks, Microfinance Institutions 
  4. The role of Information technology in enhancing financial inclusion in Kenya 
  5. Risk Management in Mobile and Agency Banking 
  6. Agency Banking Insurance 
  7. Different Models of Mobile and agency Banking 

Registration deadline: April 27th, 2015.