02- 06
International Conference on Inclusive Insurance Digital Edition 2020

Monday, November 2, 2020 to Friday, November 6, 2020

About the conference

The last fifteen years have seen the insurance sector in emerging markets enjoy steady growth in client outreach and premium volumes. New technologies are boosting market coverage. The global middle class is predicted to number nearly five billion people within two decades — but many of these individuals will still lack a formal safety net provided by insurance and will risk falling (back) into poverty. Climate change may make the situation worse because the frequency of extreme events will continue to increase, and low-income countries with a large proportion of poor and vulnerable communities will be disproportionately impacted by their effects. The InsuResilience Global Partnership has therefore set a target of insuring 500 million people against climate risks by 2025.

Representatives from insurance and reinsurance companies, brokers, distribution channels, technology providers, investment funds, international organisations, NGOs and development aid agencies, as well as academics, policy makers and insurance supervisors, from 40+ countries will attend the conference. Delegates will exchange views on current growth trends and risks in emerging markets and discuss key factors for successful implementation and maximised business opportunities to bring supply and demand to the next level.


Over 60 speakers and facilitators will share their knowledge in 18 sessions. Click here to take a look at the draft agenda.


  • Digital solutions for Inclusive Insurance
  • Innovative distribution models
  • Coping with climate risk
  • Regulation
  • How to reach scale in small markets
  • Insurance for micro, small and medium enterprises
  • New inclusive insurance products or partnerships in the fields of health or hospital cash, credit-life or funeral insurance
  • Consumer education: build capacities of people, societies and institutions
  • Looking back: Successes and failures in Inclusive Insurance
  • Scientific track: economic analysis of emerging insurance markets
  • Inclusive Insurance responses to the Corona (Covid-19) crisis