05- 06
Inclusive Finance India Summit 2016

Monday, December 5, 2016 to Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Inclusive Finance India Summit – A global platform to deliberate on issues related to Financial Inclusion, Financial Education and Financial Stability, and build a Financial Inclusion Vision 2020 Financial inclusion can be a powerful accelerator of economic progress, and can help achieve the goals of eliminating extreme poverty and building shared prosperity. Financial Inclusion is a powerful accelerator of economic progress that helps in combating extreme poverty and aids in bringing equality to the marginalized sections of society. Financial inclusion enables poor people to save and to borrow – allowing them to build their assets, to invest in education and livelihoods opportunities, and thus to improve their quality of life. Inclusive finance especially benefits disadvantaged groups such as women, youth, and rural communities. For all these reasons financial inclusion has gained prominence in recent years, across the world, in many countries as a policy objective to improve the lives of the poor. A startling two and half billion adults worldwide are ‘unbanked’ and to address this issue, The World Bank has put forward a vision for achieving universal financial access by 2020. More than 50 countries worldwide, including India, have made ambitious commitments to financial inclusion targets.

Recognizing the need and to support this cause, ACCESS has been organizing “The Inclusive Finance Summit” since 2004.

Inclusive Finance India is a global policy platform on Financial Inclusion with the objective of enabling cross-pollination of best practices and breakthroughs, specifically to influence India’s Financial Inclusion strategy and campaign. The global initiative aims to build a larger perspective on financial inclusion, perhaps transcending the limited definition of financial inclusion as understood under PMJDY. Inclusive Finance India, with its legacy of more than 10 years has provided a substantial evidence, increased guidance and strong articulation for building a vision and a strong ecosystem with clearly defined roles for stakeholders and making key recommendations on financial inclusion policy, regulation, supervision, technology advancements, client protection and institutional framework. In the last couple of years, the Summit has broadened its ambit; more and more themes related to financial inclusion are deliberated and delved into. The Inclusive India Finance Summit will strive to bring all stakeholders together to build a national consensus.

Over the last twelve years, the Summit has become an important platform for key stakeholders in the financial services and banking sector for deliberating on national level policy issues related to delivery of financial services to low-income unbanked households.

The Summit is amongst the largest conglomeration of financial inclusion eco-system globally attracting over 1000 delegates from both within and outside the country.

At the Summit, The two prominent sector level reports: Inclusive Finance India Report and Responsible Finance India Report are released at the Summit, which provide an insightful analysis and an honest critique of the financial inclusion progress during the course of the year.

A host of associated events during the Summit are organized through policy retreats, issue specific workshops, roundtables and a Knowledge Fair which provides a platform to showcase a range of products, services and publications offered by various stakeholders