08- 09
Inclusive Finance India Summit 2015

Tuesday, December 8, 2015 to Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Inclusive Finance India Summit is a global flagship initiative of ACCESS Development Services. The objective of the Summit is to inform and influence the pro-poor policy framework and strengthen the enabling environment. It also aims to bring all stakeholders together to discuss key issues and challenges and build consensus on the way forward for financial inclusion. It is a global platform to deliberate on issues related to financial inclusion, financial education, and financial stability. The summit includes following aspects:

  • Inclusive finance India report: annual publication enabling access to research, insights, analysis, and tracking the progress of the sector and financial inclusion eco-system;
  • Microfinance India awards: awards seek to recognize and felicitate, contribution of institutions and individuals;
  • Responsible finance report: annual publication with comprehensive research based analysis and documentation of data and initiators on responsible finance from the client perspective;
  • Digital finance exposition: global technology exposition that will showcase emerging technology solutions, digital finance initiatives advancing financial inclusion;
  • Knowledge fair: platform showcasing an array of products, services, and publications offered by various stakeholders;
  • Inclusive finance India awards: these awards recognize and felicitate RRBs and cooperative banks for innovation and good practices in financial inclusion in rural areas.