How can fast-paced digitalization be sustainable in the financial sector? – Exploring good practices to promote decent work

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Digitalization in the financial sector has been transformative, boosting innovation and entrepreneurship. At the same time, digitalization and new technologies have been disruptive, changing the business models and processes as well as the jobs and skills requirements in the sector. The ILO and FinValue advisors conducted a global study, highlighting the impact of digitalization on working conditions, skills development, safe and healthy work environment, as well as diversity in the financial services, through a survey in three regions and across 29 countries. Based on the conclusions of the ILO Sectoral meeting on the impact of digitalization in the finance sector (January 2022), the research aims to address the decent work challenges and opportunities in the context of digitalization in the sector.

During this webinar, we will unveil and discuss the global research and survey findings, fostering meaningful engagement among key financial sector stakeholders such as financial service providers, policymakers, employers’ organizations, industry associations and financial sector unions.

The session will be moderated by Margherita Licata and Valerie Breda (ILO) and features speakers Craig Churchill (ILO), Bhavana Srivastava (Finvalue Advisors), C.R. Kansal (Indian National Bank Officers’ Congress), Claudia Kolonas (Pluang Indonesia) and Dr Jens T. Thau (Employer’s Association of Germany’s Private Banking Industry).