24- 26
Horizon 2037: Fair Finance for All

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 to Friday, May 26, 2017

This event will be titled “Horizon 2037: Fair Finance for All”, and will take place in Bosnia & Herzegovina, which boasts the most dynamic European microfinance sector and which will celebrate its own 20th anniversary — of the founding of the first microfinance institutions in Bosnia.

In the past two decades, MFC has cemented its position as the region’s leading access to finance resource centre and network, currently uniting 103 microfinance institutions, social investors, country level networks and support organizations. To mark this significant milestone, a unique conference program is designed to feature renowned thinkers, experts and special guests that were involved with setting up the sector in the 1990s.

As every anniversary provides an opportunity for reflection, MFC would like to use this event to imagine how major sector developments over the past two decades will serve us in the next two decades — and whether in 2037 we will be celebrating having reached full financial inclusion. In particular, participants will discuss how technology is transforming financial systems, disrupting traditional banking and the foundations of our current social structures — including the role of governments.  Also, there will be considered the implications of the digital revolution and how microfinance institutions can be pro-active in embracing and leveraging technology to provide valuable opportunities for entrepreneurs, start-ups and social enterprises.  And is there a new role for socially-oriented microfinance? 

Workshops and plenary sessions

Against this anniversary thematic backdrop, and in response to feedback from MFC members, the conference programme will address good practice in providing support to start-ups, as well as digitalization opportunities. We will also present new perspectives on transformation options for non-bank MFIs and provide updates on the new EU support tools for microfinance (including the long-awaited capacity building investment instrument), examine different ways microfinance can support a green economy, talk about social enterprise and the ways that MFIs can support them, discuss various recent regulatory challenges in member countries, and more.

Pre-conference workshops and meetings

This year, as a part of our responsible finance agenda, a special pre-conference workshop and discussion will be held on responsible pricing. Participants will explore what is meant by responsible pricing, what sector can do together on this subject, what each individual microfinance institution can do to ensure adequate and fair pricing.


Early bird registration closes on 31 March, 2017. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact at mfc@guarant.cz, or: +420 284 001 444

Before registering, kindly check visa requirements to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina.