Grain Warehouse Receipts (GWR) Seminar

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

FAO and the Investment Centre, with the support of the Legal office have organized a short seminar “Cream of the crop: the use of Grain Warehouse Receipts in agricultural finance” at FAO headquarters on June, 20th 2012. The seminar explored value chain finance with a focus on GWRs, and ways to give farmers easier access to credit through the collateralization of their crop.

Topics included:

  1. Introducing product-based value chain finance
  2. Grain warehouse receipts: benefits and ingredients for success
  3. Informal use of inventory credit and GWRs: the case of Niger


Krassimir Kiriakov, Grain Warehouse Receipts Specialist;
Calvin Miller, Senior Rural Finance Officer, AGS;
Emilio Hernandez, Agricultural Finance Officer, AGS;
Philine Wehling, Legal Officers, LEGN.

The PPT’s and filmed presentations can be viewed below.