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19- 24
Financial Inclusion Programming in Humanitarian Context

Monday, November 19, 2018 to Saturday, November 24, 2018

Access to financial services has a clear and direct impact on livelihoods, economic growth, and inclusive social and economic development. When refugees and women, in particular, are financially included, they are more empowered, more resilient, and better prepared to respond to economic shocks. There are a number of international and local organizations currently implementing livelihood development programming in humanitarian settings, some of which are incorporating access to finance, but there is a need to refine and scale these programs and also engage in policy advocacy to create a more enabling environment for refugees’ financial inclusion; and work to accelerate refugees’ linkage to the formal financial sector. 
The purpose of the workshop is to provide capacity building support to implementing organizations’ staff on Savings Group (SG) methodologies and promotion of financial access through formal financial services providers and training to enhance financial capability. 

Course Modules:
Overview of financial inclusion in the humanitarian context with a focus on resilience-programming
Defining market segments for SGs in a humanitarian setting
SG delivery channels for deepening outreach
Managing risks associated with the refugee context e.g. hyper-inflation and conflict scenario planning
SG products and services including innovations in the sector and how they apply in conflict-sensitive markets
Discussions on best practices around the world for programs in fragile markets


  • Region Global
  • Language English