Training opportunities

15- 26
Financial education programme design and implementation course policy makers and practitioner

Tuesday, November 15, 2022 to Saturday, November 26, 2022


Introduction to the course
This course focuses on designing and implementing a financial education strategy (national, institutional or local). Participants will discuss experiences, lessons learned and international practical knowledge gained in this field. They will be provided with relevant tools, frameworks and instruments, and will consider the best practices applied by various institutions and actors globally. The course will be grounded in the experience of financial education acquired over the past decade by the ILO, the ITCILO and other leading global agencies and practitioners. As an outcome of the course, participants will design financial-education outreach strategies for various target groups, produce specific action plans, and prepare for their next steps on returning to work.
Who attends this course?
This training course targets a wide range of stakeholders, including policy-makers, development practitioners, financial education strategy designers and implementers, and project managers in national and international organizations interested in financial education programmes.

What will I learn?
By the end of this course, you will learn about current practices in provision of financial education to various groups of populations and become equipped with tools for designing your own strategies and practices.

The course covers the following topics:

Growing complexity of financial sectors and implications on financial literacy and education programmes
Financial education program: the design process
Review of the frameworks in place and global experiences
Establishing institutional and governing arrangements
Understanding various segments and profiling them
Role of partnerships in design and delivery
Examples and case studies of national programmes and projects and shared lessons learned
Designing the outreach strategy for various segments

Course delivery format
The course is delivered through the following components:

Total of 8 live online sessions are planned during the course of 2 weeks, with the following schedule: sessions per week, 2 on each Tuesday and 2 on each Thursday, unless otherwise agreed with the group.
Individual self-learning, activities and assignments, as well as group activities when possible
Each session’s duration is 1 hour 30 min, they will be delivered via zoom. The sessions are interactive and facilitated, with an application of adult learning methodologies.

The schedule will be adapted to the group composition and timezones. In case of conflicting timezones the default timezone will be CET or CEST Rome time.