24- 26
Expert Workshop on developing guidelines for inspection and valuation of small-scale fishing vessels

Tuesday, September 24, 2024 to Thursday, September 26, 2024

The global fishing fleet consists of more than 4 million fishing vessels of which 2.5 million are motorized. Of these motorized vessels 2 million are characterized as small-scale vessels (<12 m in length). Among the small-scale fishing vessels some 5 percent are currently insured. The market demand for insurance services among small-scale fishers is much higher than the supply of insurance services to them. FAO market assessment studies showed that tools need to be developed to facilitate insurance supply to small-scale fishers in developing countries.

The Lloyd’s Register Foundation supported FAO project on Guidelines for inspection and valuation of small-scale fishing vessels to facilitate insurance (MTF/GLO/1161/LRF) is expected to facilitate the supply of insurance services to small-scale fishers worldwide, with an emphasis on small-scale producers in developing countries. The long-term impact of the project will be that small-scale fishers and their communities will be more resilient. Their capacity to recover from accidents at sea, from natural disasters and to mitigate other climate change impacts will have increased.

This expert workshop in September 2024 will discuss the draft:

Guidelines for seaworthiness and safety inspection of small-scale fishing vessels,
Guidelines for value assessment of small-scale fishing vessels,
General checklists for inspection of vessel hull, machinery and safety equipment on board of small-scale fishing vessels.