Training opportunities

25- 27
Executive Retreat on Strategic Management and Leadership in Inclusive Financing

Thursday, June 25, 2015 to Saturday, June 27, 2015

This three-day executive training is designed to enhance the collective capabilities of institutions by building individual knowledge and skills to achieve strategic goals. The program would allow microfinance managers, consultants and trainers to develop the theoretical and practical skills necessary to improve the performance of their organisation. The course will be delivered in Accra, Ghana by experts that have been carefully selected. The programme will also benefit from academic support and validation.

A day has also been allocated for an International Investors forum so that microfinance institutions that are looking for debt or equity finance can meet representatives    from    the    leading    microfinance investment funds.

Key topics of the training include:

  • Framework for evaluating microfinance banks;
  • Challenges & Opportunities of Microfinance in Africa
  • Commercial Models
  • Introduction to Balanced Scorecard
  • Investor Readiness
  • Attracting Wholesale lending techniques
  • Innovative Management Models
  • Creative Networking Skills
  • Impact Investment Management
  • New Trends in Leadership Skills
  • Future Directions
  • Reflections on the future of inclusive finance

Application deadline: 15th June, 2015

Cost: $1500 USD includes: tutition cost, accomodation, transfers, meals, training materials, etc.).