Training opportunities

19- 23
Executive Applied Microfinance & Financial Inclusion Leadership Program

Monday, August 19, 2019 to Friday, August 23, 2019

Many microfinance institutions are facing increasing competition, tougher regulation and/or are branching out to embrace new market segments with innovative products. Financial Inclusion Advocacy Centre proudly presents the 2019 Executive Applied Microfinance & Financial Inclusion Leadership Program. This 2019 program seeks to equip participants with state-of-the-art technical know‐how in the Principles of Responsible Microfinance, Sustained Financial Inclusion, Advanced Credit Risk, Financial Analysis & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Innovative Product Development & Pricing Strategies, Corporate Governance, Governance of Risk Management, Governance of Compensation, Governance of Audits, Management Information System (MIS), Social Performance Management, Digital Finance and FinTech, SME Banking, Regulation and Supervisions (including RegTech) and a good understanding of newer trends in the financial inclusion space. 

Target Audience:

This program is targeted at microfinance managers focused on taking their institutions to the next level, fund managers, commercial banks and other stakeholders active in the inclusive finance, microfinance, regulatory & supervisory and capacity building domains.

Course Content:

  • Responsible Microfinance &Financial Inclusion: Towards A New Paradigm, Salient Issues & Tracking Accountable Progress.
  • Advanced Credit Risk: Principles and Techniques.
  • Financial Analysis, Principles and Techniques and Key Performance Indicators.
  • FinTech, Digitization, Digital Divide and Key Issues.
  • Group Lending Methodologies.
  • Financial Inclusion of Agriculture and Value Chain Finance: Critical issues.
  • Rural Small Enterprise Finance Session # 8: Attracting Top Notch Investors: What MFIs and Banks must do? The Role of Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Governance of Compensation, Audits, MIS and Related Areas in MFIs and FIs.
  • Regulation and Supervision for Sustained Financial Inclusion, RegTech and Customer Protection.
  • Presentation by Participants in Small Groups, their key learning’s based on assigned reading (Best Seller Microfinance and Financial Novel Used in Many Universities Globally, Rapid Reader) given on arrival. Way forward and Wrap Up! 

Tuition and Accommodation Expenses: $2,000. Includes the course fee, all training materials and full‐board accommodation in single rooms for the time of training. Handouts, documentation and background literature will be assembled in a comprehensive participant hand book which will also be provided on USB device by the end of the training. Delegates will be picked from the airport to the hotel. The fees also include two guided Safari Tours on two evenings & a dinner.