Enabling inclusive rural and agrifood system transformation through digitalization

Monday, June 27, 2022

11.00-16.00 hours (Bangkok time)

A High Level (Virtual) Regional Event was organized to present how digitalization can enable inclusive rural and agrifood system transformation under the FAO Digital Village Initiative. In particular, presentation 3 will bring in experience in “Leveraging multi-partnerships to enable digital solutions for agriculture finance: The case of Uganda“. Please see the below documents to learn more about the initiatives and the full event agenda.

What is the FAO Digital Village Initiative?

A “Digital Village” is a concept to promote digitalization in rural areas for the benefit of residents, enabling them to apply, deploy or harness digital innovations and technologies, services and solutions, to improve their economic livelihoods, individual well-being, and create social cohesion through better connectivity. There is no single definition, pathway or approach for a rural community to become “Digital” – in fact, the diversity of applying a variety of digital innovations is the key to becoming a successful digital village.

What is the digital village ecosystem approach?
The Digital village ecosystem takes the view that digitalization is developed by taking into account the localized economic, environmental and cultural context and the needs and capacities of the targeted beneficiaries, a gender-sensitive and flexible approach.
The DVE requires a flexible sequential step that balances out the technology-supply side with the end-user-centred demands of appropriate, inclusive and beneficial digital innovations.