Dialogue to implementation–“Remittance families”

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Session I – Enhancing financial inclusion and resilience of remittance families 

Track I aims to address coordination needs and opportunities among international, regional and national stakeholders towards supporting common efforts in the effective implementation of adequate mitigation measures. This track will bring forward the perspective of remittances beneficiaries’ current needs, will identify adaptable good practices that can help mitigate the impact of the crisis in the short-term, while contributing to long-term development goals.

Discussion points:

  • Migrant realities and mitigating measures in times of crisis
  • Innovations and inclusive remittance business models and products that mitigate remittance families’ needs
  • Financial inclusion and mobile solutions: achieving financial inclusion in both the first and last mile of the remittance corridor
  • Promoting savings and investment of remittances: amplifying the impact of remittances beyond household consumption towards resilience

Moderator and discussant: Pedro de Vasconcelos, Manager, Financing Facility for Remittances, IFAD