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Cracking the Nut 2015: Expanding Rural and Agricultural Markets Amid Climate Change

Monday, March 2, 2015 to Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The 2015 Cracking the Nut conference will take place in Lusaka, Zambia on March 2-3, 2015. The two-day learning event will highlight innovations in the development of rural and agricultural markets and financial inclusion, amid global climate change. The conference will bring together top industry leaders from food companies, financial institutions, investors, donors, governments and international development organizations.

The Conference will showcase competitively selected best practices through focused themes:

  1. Strengthening Rural & Agricultural Infrastructure. How can public and private investors work to strengthen a country’s infrastructure in a way that will expand markets, revenues and competitiveness? How can large agricultural investments be designed to not only protect, but enhance a country’s natural resources and environment?
  2. Expanding Financial Services to Rural Areas. Which financial services are most important to farmers? What role can insurance, futures and commodities exchanges play in reducing price volatility? What creative strategies can be used to serve rural clients? How can we build upon indigenous and informal financial mechanisms to safely broaden financial inclusion, especially to women and youth in rural areas?  
  3. Improving Agricultural Production. To what extent is global climate change going to increase risks associated with agricultural markets, investments and finance? What climate smart technologies are available to help farmers adapt? What types of agricultural subsidies are okay and who should provide them? How can forestry and livestock management help to reduce desertification? 

The Call for Proposals to Present will be launched the end of June.

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