Training opportunities

04- 16
Community Based Microfinance for Financial Inclusion

Monday, December 4, 2017 to Saturday, December 16, 2017

Community-based microfinance approaches are critical for achieving sustainable development goals that promise inclusion of the poor and marginalised sections of society. These approaches are not only providing access to financial services, but also provide local support services to community members to manage their livelihoods, social networks, and lives. This course focuses on savings-led and member-owned models, such as savings groups, village savings and loan associations (VSLAs), self-help groups (SHGs) and their federations, financial cooperatives, credit unions, livelihood (producer) organizations and other community owned institutions with examples from across the world.

The course is designed to deepen understanding of concepts and practices of financial inclusion with focus on community-based microfinance approaches. Within a holistic perspective, participants will see how these models can support women’s empowerment, agriculture, livelihoods, value-chain and enterprises in rural and urban areas, while innovations such as linkage with banks and mobile payment system can reach millions that are outside the formal banking system.

This program is intended for mid-to-senior-level practitioners from NGOs, financial cooperatives, rural finance institutions, and MFIs; for bankers interested in serving rural regions; and also for regulators and government officials, trainers, and donors engaged in financial inclusion agenda. Two years of work experience in microfinance or in the field of economic development is desirable.