Training opportunities

01- 05
Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance Summer Academy

Monday, July 1, 2019 to Friday, July 5, 2019

The role of financial markets in driving the transformation towards a low-carbon climate resilient economy is fundamental to the efficient implementation of global ambitions in the post-Paris Agreement phase. Realizing a successful transformation requires thought leaders to understand and critically analyses the key aspects of private capital engagement at various levels and from different sources. The Frankfurt School – UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance (the Centre) is a strategic cooperation between UN Environment and Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

The Centre has a long-standing track record in designing, implementing and evaluating climate and renewable energy (RE) finance projects aiming to facilitate private sector investments. One of the Centre’s primary goals is to equip thought leaders with the necessary skills to improve access to clean energy and climate finance in developing and emerging economies. With this in mind, the Center has the pleasure of inviting you to a complete and unique learning experience: The Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance Summer Academy Programs.

The Art of Teaching:

The Centre operates in a continuum from research to project implementation, but also as a catalyst to multiply knowledge, skills and good practice in climate and sustainable energy finance. It combines technical know-how, applied research, and academic courses to deliver first rate classroom learning. At the same time, it provides a collaborative space to formulate forward-thinking ideas for the post-Paris Agreement implementation phase, where agendas and issues are constantly changing. The Center builds a creative learning environment around some core principles to ensure a more tangible experience for the participants:

The course will take you on a journey to demystify climate and RE finance, delving into case studies and learning from discussions and group work with a clear hands-on focus tailored to the needs and realities of developing, emerging and industrialized countries. It will foster a strong combination of theory and practice in the classes, ensuring interactions with experts and practitioners. Training relies not only on classroom style teaching but interaction, visualization, application, facilitation, moderation and ongoing evaluation. A joint excursion completes the programs and additionally caters to the creative learning environment.

To help you to think outside the box you are going to spend time in the Frankfurt School Innovation Lab to explore design thinking, learning new concepts to tackle different situations in our ever-changing world.