Training opportunities

02- 01
Call for Trainers in Financial Education/Philippines

Monday, May 2, 2022 to Friday, July 1, 2022

The first Training of Trainers is tentatively scheduled to take place from 2-6 May 2022 (Part 1) and 16-20 May (Part 2). The second ToT is scheduled from 20 June until 1 July. The trainings will be conducted online through Zoom during the afternoon Philippine time.


The ILO Country Office for the Philippines (CO-Manila), under the project, Bringing Back Jobs Safely under the COVID-19 Crisis in the Philippines: Rebooting Small and Informal Businesses Safely and Digitally is inviting interested parties to participate in the upcoming Training of Trainers in Financial Education and collaborate with the project to promote financial education among micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises and informal businesses in support of the country’s financial inclusion initiatives.

In the framework of the project,  the ILO has developed a training curriculum that will be used to extend financial education to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and informal business owners of the Philippines. Following the expertise of the ILO Global Programme on Financial Education,  the training materials were adapted to feature the socio-economic characteristics and the financial context of aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, start-ups and small enterprises, and in turn to support them in making more informed financial decisions sustainably. As the ILO Financial Education training programme is based on a multiplication scheme through Trainings of Trainers (ToTs), followed by Trainings of Beneficiaries (ToBs), the ILO is looking to expand its network of national trainers in the Philippines, for them to replicate and roll out the ILO Financial Education key messages to MSMEs and informal businesses.

As a result, the project planned to organize five online ToTs in English, with the objective of training 16 new trainers per ToT. Each of these ToTs will be delivered online, using digital platforms like Zoom and other online tools such as Padlet and Jamboard, to ensure that the course is delivered all around the country. Each of these online ToTs will be delivered in half-day sessions for ten workdays for two consecutive weeks.

After participating in an ILO Financial Education ToT, candidate national trainers will get the opportunity of starting the national certification process, enabling them to become ILO certified national trainers in financial education. This will only be possible through the fulfilment of a series of criteria, preliminarily determined by the ILO, and including the candidate trainer’s willingness, capacity, and availability to replicate the ILO Financial Education training to beneficiaries through online ToBs. In particular, each trainer will have to conduct three online ILO Financial Education trainings for beneficiaries, while being supervised and evaluated by the ILO Financial Education international and regional trainers.

For more information, please refer to the ILO Global Programme on Financial Education Briefer  and visit the ongoing ILO Call for Trainers in Financial Education  online sign-up sheet.