09- 13
Business Planning With Microfin – Web Course

Monday, December 9, 2019 to Friday, December 13, 2019

This Business Planning With Microfin course will be taught through an online training platform. The training differs from the in-person training in several important elements. There is no way to consolidate 30+ hours of training over five days into just 10 hours with internet-based training. Much of the rich discussion and interaction among participants cannot take place. Strategic business planning theory will not be presented. If participants want to get the full benefit from the training, they will need to take careful notes and diligently review the case study and be creative in imagining how the case study will apply to their unique situation, and ask questions.

This course is targeted primarily to those who have little or no experience with Microfin, however as questions are proposed, solutions will be explained for the more advanced user. The case study will be sent ahead of time, allowing participants the opportunity to discover and experiment with data entry on their own, prior to each session, in advance of the formal training.