Applying a Gender Lens to PAYGo Solar

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Pay-as-you-go (PAYGo) solar financing has electrified the homes of more than 100 million people and transformed many households that aren’t connected to the electrical grid. CGAP’s theory of change suggests that PAYGo solar can be an inclusive business model which improves access to energy and finance in ways that can likely benefit women. However, a review of available literature finds little evidence, due to the lack of sex-disaggregated data and research examining heterogeneous impacts. Conversations with experts further revealed that only 25 percent of all PAYGo customers are women and that they face several gender-based barriers in accessing PAYGo financing.

How can the PAYGo solar model better serve the energy and financial needs of excluded women? In this webinar, providers and experts from CGAP, FinEquity, GOGLA, ENGIE, Solar Sister, Strategic Impact Advisors, and J-PAL will discuss existing knowledge gaps, implications for future research, as well as the design and delivery of PAYGo solar.

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