14- 25
ApexFinCoop: Advance policy and effectiveness for financial cooperative apexes

Monday, November 14, 2022 to Friday, November 25, 2022

Introduction to the course

ApexFinCoop is a training and strategic planning programme that aims to empower financial cooperative apex organizations and support institutions to advance the scale and effectiveness of financial cooperatives in a specific country or region. ApexFinCoop is designed to support financial cooperative apex organizations in developing and implementing an effective strategic planning, with the objective of fulfilling their functions over the long term in a cost-effective way, to the satisfaction of their members. The course is available in online and face-to-face versions.

Who attends this course?

ApexFinCoop is designed for financial cooperatives’ apex organizations at different stages of development. It targets in particular: – Board members of apexes – Managers of apex organizations – Officials of relevant supporting institutions, including meso-structures and policymaking and regulatory bodies – Development actors interested in supporting apex institutions and financial cooperatives

What will I learn?

The ApexFinCoop course has the following objectives:

  • To broaden understanding of the various functions that contribute to successful performance of apexes as member based institutions
  • To assist apexes in improving effectiveness of current service delivery
  • To inspire thinking around services and products that might be necessary to meet the members’ growing needs
  • To stimulate thinking and arrive at good practices around an enabling environment
Course framework

The e-learning course will be implemented over a period of 2 weeks and is structured around 5 content modules. Each content module contains a technical webinar and a self-learning module with activities and assignments. Two more webinars are planned as opening and closing sessions.

Self-learning modules can be taken flexibly, while the webinars will be scheduled as live sessions with invited speakers (recordings will be available). Total duration of the course: 30 hours.

  • Module 1: Introduction. Strategic direction and trends. Apex’s lifecycle
  • Module 2: Sustainability and triple bottom line.
  • Module 3: Apex’s products, services and shared services
  • Module 4: Managing risks
  • Module 5: An Enabling Policy, Legislative and Regulatory Environment and the role of apexes