30- 31
APAC Microfinance Forum

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 to Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Growth in the Asia Pacific (APAC) microfinance sector has been rampant and sharp differences emerge across the region. In 2017, the average global growth rate for the micro, small, medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) was 10-15 percent. And, the Asia Pacific region had the highest growth expectancy by 25-30 percent, albeit the quite diverse socio-economic contexts, market maturities, and regulatory dynamics.

Today microfinance sector has undoubtedly become more dynamic so that the financing requirements are more complex. Microfinance institutions are undergoing various transformations in their structure; adapting their business models into different types of financial institutions such as small banks. The need for a well-functioning regulatory framework is evident. Transparent management of funding and better-functioning client protection mechanisms are increasingly in demand. Moreover, innovations in the financial sector help microfinance clients have greater outreach and wider product offerings. In turn, Microfinance sector is evolving from a niche segment to a mainstream investment topic.

Asia Pacific Microfinance Forum underlines the fact that “It is time to rethink microfinance.” It features keynote lectures, case studies, panel discussions and interactive networking sessions with the help of pioneering microfinance experts, investors, banks and finance organizations to discuss the latest and pressing issues in the sector.

Registration Fees:

  • Early bird registration (before 17 August 2018): EUR 990
  • Full price: EUR 1300
  • Conference materials only (free of charge for registered delegates): EUR 500