African Investment Day

Thursday, November 29, 2018

The African Investment Day (DE) is the first event exclusively panelled by experts from the continent and  dedicated to open and develop strong trade and investment ties, open doors into francophone Africa and a proactive approach by the panellists to further promote Africa and its investment opportunities.

This platform will create an avenue for investment and get attendees a step ahead with their investment. Investors and Experts will get first hand access into the markets in  consideration to investment profile and macro trends.

The African Investment Day (Deutschland) brings together African CEO’s, political, social leaders and entrepreneurs together with Germany’s private sector investors to share ideas and network on potential trade and investment opportunities on the  African continent.  Particular emphasis is placed on francophone Africa and on SMEs. The African Investment Day also focuses on providing attendees with pragmatic insights and in-depth expertise from panellists currently engaged on the continent as well as in Europe.

  • Region Global
  • Language English