07- 08
Africa Financial Inclusion Summit 2023

Thursday, December 7, 2023 to Friday, December 8, 2023

Africa Financial Inclusion Summit 2023
Africa Insights and its global partners are inviting experts, academics, researchers, subject matter specialists, industry stakeholders and leaders to submit papers, proposals, case studies and abstracts for consideration for the Annual Africa Financial Inclusion Summit 2023 to be hosted on the 07-08 December 2023 in Cape Town, South Africa. Financial inclusion remains a critical challenge in Africa with current estimates showing only about 43% of people have access to bank accounts in Sub Saharan Africa. Financial exclusion contributes immensely to poverty and inequality and by extension leads to low levels of economic growth. Although South Africa’s financial inclusion is estimated at about 69% (access), a significant percentage only use the account to receive a salary or rant and do not have access to other financial services. Mobile technology penetration and innovative Fintech solutions have helped to accelerate deepening of financial inclusion but the cost of most financial services remains a barrier and therefore a lot still needs to be done to provide financial services to low income, marginalised and mostly rural communities. Financial inclusion can play a catalytic role in reducing poverty and inequality and accelerate the achievement of other sustainable development goals on the continent. The Africa Financial Inclusion Forum endeavors to advance and promote financial inclusion in Africa through innovation, disruptive technologies, policy interventions and cutting-edge Fintech technologies and services.

The summit will explore among other themes
• Financial Inclusion in Africa- A continental Perspective
• Policy and regulatory frameworks for financial inclusion
• Financial Inclusion in South Africa
• Financial inclusion within
o Banking
o Savings
o Insurance
o Credit
o Payments
o Investments