18- 20
2017 Global Development Finance Conference

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 to Friday, October 20, 2017

The Chartered Institute of Development Finance and the Africagrowth Institute, in partnership with major development finance institutions, academic institutions and governments, is organising a 3-day conference to discuss issues around development finance sustainability and role played by development finance support agencies in global development. As commercial and investment banks continue to reduce lending globally, development finance institutions, governments and other development finance support agencies are expected to fill the gap left by these traditional lending institutions. Relevance and sustainability will require innovative thinking and ideas around finance for development to support businesses at the “bottom of the pyramid”.

The conference will promote sessions for Development Finance Institutions to discuss the important development finance issues. In addition, it will off the opportunity to academics and postgraduate students to discuss their research work in the Development Finance field.

The conference will bring together development finance practitioners, economic clusters of government, academics, researchers from institutions working in the area of development and other researchers from commercial banks, central banks and other international development insitutions.

The Conference will focus on:

Development Finance Institution Panel Discussions

  • The Scorecard of PPPs and Infrastructure Development in Africa – Are PPPs really catalysing GDP growth?
  • Financing for WHOSE Development? – From Poverty to Power;
  • Latest Developments in Structured Finance for Social Impact – Beyond Social Impact Bonds to Securitisations;
  • Agricultural value-chain systems: where are the weakest and strongest links?
  • Growth and sustainability of micro-insurance sector: where are we now?
  • The Future of Climate Finance – A Discourse on Populism, Globalisation and Sustainable Growth in Developing Economies;
  • Nexus thinking: The triangular challenges of Energy-Water-Agriculture;
  • Trade finance: How well does it promote trade?
  • Measurement and reporting of development impact;

Academic and Research Discussions

  • Development Finance and Corporate Governance;
  • Sustainable Competition in Development Banking;
  • Risk, Assets and Liability Management in Development Finance;
  • Corporate Finance and Investment in Emerging Markets;
  • Trade Finance;
  • Financial Economics in Emerging Markets;
  • Micro Insurance;
  • Strategic Planning for DFIs;
  • Infrastructure and Project Finance;
  • Financial and Economic Appraisal of Investment Projects;
  • Risk Management in Financial Services;
  • Development Finance and Corporate Social;
  • ResponsibilityEnvironmental Finance;
  • Banking and Finance in Emerging Markets;
  • Public Sector Finance